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Who We Are & What We Do

The Scottish Rite Valley of Joplin is comprised of a membership body whose members hail from the southwest corner of Missouri  (Joplin, Kimberling City, Lebanon, Sparta, Seymour, Springfield, Waynesville, Richland) and surrounding areas.  Our primary charitable cause is RiteCare of Missouri which helps hearing and speech impaired children by paying for their medical treatment services.

Scottish Rite Creed

Human progress is our cause,

liberty of thought is our supreme wish,

freedom of conscience our mission,

and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere is our ultimate goal.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, to improve its members and enhance the communities in which they live by teaching and emulating the principles of Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity, and Truth, while actively embracing high social, moral, and spiritual values, including fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family, and country



Brotherly Love, Relief & Truth

Disaster Relief and Charitable Giving

Supporting: RiteCare,Order of DeMolay for Boys, Order of Rainbow for Girls, Job's Daughters International

Academic Scholarships

Live to Serve our Fellow Men and Women

Valley of Joplin Leadership Team

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