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May 5th:  Valley Council and Lodge of Perfection meetings will be held at Table Rock Lodge #680 in Kimberling City MO.Meal at 6:00pm and Meeting at 7:00pm 

Welcome to our three new members
Scott J. Christensen, Paul A. Luce and Raymond C. Province all from Table rock lodge.

Cathedral Restoration Pledges needed. We have currently received $210,579.00 in pledges. We are still a long ways from the $400,000.00. If you can find yourself needing to make a required minimum distribution or have an available $16.67 a month or more that you can contribute, call the office today to get a pledge card started. We are currently replacing the leaking windows in the library and repairing the water damage from that. We are in the process of getting bids to replace the roof. We must all pull together to restore our building.

Robert Burns Supper was another successful event all money collected benefiting RiteCare for our Valley

COVID-19 UPDATE, As a Valley, we want to do all we can to keep everyone as safe as possible from the virus.  To that end, continue to wash your hands often, maintain social distance, stay home if you are symptomatic, and abide by your local city ordinances. ,

In our Valley we have Brothers, their wives, and in some case their children suffering from disease, sickness, pain, or distress.  Let us than remember to daily lift up those around us.  Let us speak kindly, one to another, and let us continually treat each other as the Brothers of our Adoption that we define ourselves as.


"..They lived upon the level and parted upon the square..."

Please keep the following departed Brothers' families in your prayers,
Herbert Lee Coggin,

You may pay your dues by mailing them to the Valley address, which is 505 South Byers Ave. Joplin, MO 64801, calling the office at 417-623-3219, or online at the Supreme Council's website. (  If there is an issue inhibiting you from paying your dues, let us know as soon as possible.  We will work with you to resolve the problem., Endowed or Lifetime Memberships are available.  The guidelines set by Supreme Council state that a member in good standing with his Lodge of Perfection and whose dues current  may purchase an Endowed Life Membership and thereby be relieved from further payment of dues, subject to the provisions set forth.  The cost of the Endowed Life Membership is currently $2700.00 and may be paid either at once or over the course of a year.  If you have any questions or if this is something that you are interested in investing in, call the office at 417-623-3219 or email us at ,

This Beautiful Masonic service is available to any Scottish Rite Mason who has obtained his 18th Degree and whose family requests it.  If you are interested in being apart of the Rose Croix Funeral Degree please call the office at 417-623-3219 and we will provide you with a copy of the ritual.

We want to ensure that each of our members know what is going on in the Valley of Joplin.  Please contact the office by phone (417-623-3219) or email ( with any changes to your home address, telephone numbers, or email addresses.  You can also review and edit your information online with the Supreme Council at

Marquise J. Adam, Louie L. Addington, Tommy E. Ahart, Richard L Auernheimer, Josh C. Bakehouse, Robert L. Baker, Ronald R. Beavers, Ronnie G. Berry, Roger A Bradley, Wayne E Brandt, Ronald L Branson, Christopher R. Briley, Anthony R. Brown, Jack D Brown, Richard H. Brownsberger, Kenny C Burky, William Kent Burns, David A Callaway, Barton Ross Cardetti, Jonce B Chidister, Walter T Chidister, Terry L Claar, Danny R Comer, James M Crighton, Robert E. Culver, Harold T Dandridge, Jr., Tyler Scott Danley, Ellis D. Davenport, Michael E Day, Chadwick R. Deal, Robert Andrew Dixon, James R. Doerr, Shirrel G Duncan, Adam D. Duncan, Kingsley Bradford Ellingson, Floyd L Ellison, William J Erwin, Donald J. Ferguson, John D Foster, Robert A Foster, Daniel K Gay, Dan A. Gier, M. Leon Gire, Bobby L Grisham, Robert E Hahn, Daniel R. Hatley, Rick Headlee, Mark R Heffington, James A Hicks, Gary M Hinderks, Jess L. Hodges, Charles D Hoke, Kevin T Holland, Glenn E Hoover, Garry E Howell, Gary C. Hunter, Rick F. Hutcheson, Montgomery D Johnson, Richard F Jones, James B Joplin Jr, Garry L Keene, Michael L Kenney, Bryal E Kenyon, Steve M. Kiefer, Gerald E Kile, Gary K Knewtson, Millard F Knott, John C Kuehn, Harold G Lasley, Owen L Long, Richard A Lowrey, Shawn R. Manning, Miguel Augustine Martinez, Shawn Matthew Mayr, David P. McDaniel, Jason W. Mc Nish, Brian J Mitchell, David J Mizell, Edward R. Monje, Tommy W. Muller, Michael L. Nienhuis, Michael Craig Patrick, John C. Peacock, Robert M Pinegar, Perry R Posey, Gary D Price, William D Ramsey, David M Reynolds, George E. Ridens, Sr., Martin C Ripley, Dwight Lee Roberds, Raymond J. Robert Jr, Steven M. Roberts, Michael Floiran Rodriguez, Daniel L Salveter, Thomas L Schroeder, Alvie E. Scott, Jr, Donald W Slater, C Larry Slates, Richard Smith, David E. Smith, Wayne Albert Smith, Kenny M. Smith, Leroy E Spain, Dwight E Sprouls, George R Stanley, Jeff Allen Stokes, Matthew L. Stoller, William M. Strunk, Dennis M Taylor, Robert T. Thomas, Norman S Timberlake, Marty O. Vandenburg, Michael P Viles, James Robert Von Rohr, David A Watson, Michael E. Webster, Ray D Willard, Roger W Wisdom, Ronald G Woody.

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