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Grand Cross Honorees in the Valley of Joplin

Gary Hinderks 33° G:.C:. 2015

Curt Edic 33° G:.C:. 2017

James D. Hardy 33° G:.C:. 2021

The Grand Cross is the highest individual honor that The Supreme Council bestows, with presently less than 90 living recipients. It is voted very rarely to Thirty-third Degree Masons only for the most exceptional and extraordinary services. The Grand Cross Jewel is composed of a gold Teutonic Cross, featuring in the center a crimson rose with green leaves, encircled by "Gr. Cross Court of Honor" embroidered in gold. All Active members of the Supreme Council are deemed ipso facto recipients of the Grand Cross of Honour, although they do not receive the Grand Cross jewel, nor wear the cap.

33° Grand Cross Cap

The cap of the Grand Cross of the Court of Honor is of circular white silk. It is surrounded with a blue band which is trimmed in gold. It has a gold cord, which extends across its top, and is affixed at both sides by a gold button, which is embossed with a double-headed eagle. The front of the cap is adorned by an embroidered copy of the Grand Cross Court of Honor jewel, which is trimmed with gold bullion wire.

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