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33° I.G.H Honorees

Michael Bodine 33° I.G.H.

Travis Schnelle 33° I.G.H.

Dan Stehly 33° I.G.H.

Patrick Stewart 33° I.G.H.

The above named Illustrious Brothers were Coronated Inspectors Genenral Honorary 33° at a special ceremony hosted by the Valley of Saint Louis at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on October 28th in Saint Louis MO. The Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Mother Council of the World, unanimously voted to confer the 33rd and last degree of Freemasonry to these four local men, in recognition of dedicated and tremendous service to the community and to the fraternity. This is one of Freemasonry’s highest honors, bestowed upon less than 1% of all Scottish Rite Masons. The Thirty-third Degree may not be requested, and if requested must be refused. The degree is granted solely out of recognition for outstanding services. 33° Masons are Inspectors General Honorary and honorary members of the Supreme Council. The active members of the Supreme Council are chosen from among them.

33° Jewel

The 33° jewel is a black double-headed eagle, with golden beaks and talons, holding in the latter a sword of gold, and crowned with the golden crown of Prussia. The red Teutonic cross is affixed to the left side of the breast.

The decoration rests upon a Teutonic cross. It is a nine-pointed star, namely, one formed by three triangles of gold one upon the other, and interlaced from the lower part of the left side to the upper part of the right a sword extends, and in the opposite direction is a hand of, as it is called, Justice. In the center is the shield of the Order, azure (blue), charged with an eagle like that on the banner, having on the dexter (right) side a Balance or (gold), and on the sinister (left) side a Compass of the second, united with a Square of the second. Around the whole shield runs a band of the first, with the Latin inscription, of the second, Ordo ab Chao, meaning Order out of Disorder, which band is enclosed by two circles, formed by two Serpents of the second, each biting its own tail. Of the smaller triangles that are formed by the intersection of the greater ones, those nine that are nearest the band are of crimson color, and each of them has one of the letters that compose the word S.A.P.I.E.N.T.I.A., or Wisdom.

33° Cap

The cap of an 33° Inspector General Honorary is of circular white silk. It is surrounded with a white band which is trimmed in gold. It has a gold cord, which extends across its top, and is affixed at both sides by a gold button, which is embossed with a double-headed eagle. The front of the cap is adorned by a slanted red two-armed Patriarchal Cross, which is trimmed with gold bullion wire.

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