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Cathedral Presentation

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is over 100 years old and while Freemasonry has stood the test of time, the man-made sundry materials of which our edifice is composed, is slowly deteriorating. See below, the efforts being made to restore and protect our beautiful home and then consider helping as best you can!

Sidewalk restoration

underground drainage problems required the removal and replacement of the sidewalk

Parking Lot restoration

Again, due to underground drainage issues and other issues that were unexpected, a portion of our parking lot had to be ripped up, repairs made, and restored...


Iconic Symbol of AASR

Our double-headed eagle was struck by lightning and one of the heads fell to the ground below. With a lot of research, prayer, and money we found a company to restore it. You can probably see in the photo the newest head of our eagle, with its fresh look!

The Roof

This is where it all started. When surveying the roof, bubbling in the rubber membrane was trapping water between the decking and bottom side of the rubber and was apparent the membrane had outlived its lifespan.

Our Library

It goes without saying, for those of us who know and value history, that any form of damage to a Library is a potential loss of history and memories and experience. Once again, due to water leaking, our Library has sustained heavy damage and is still in the process of being restored...

Interior Rooms

As a result of the water sitting on the roof, it eventually found its way inside and down the walls...

How Can I Help???

Click on the link/image to the right to download and complete the form for donations. This is a charitable deduction.

Or call the office to donate at: 



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