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Knights of St. Andrew

Chapter One in Missouri

Brotherhood, Service, Loyalty

Virtue, Truth, Honor! - Processesing these and never proving false to your vows, you will be worthy to call yourself a Knight.

Chapter One of Knights of Saint Andrew, Valley of Joplin is a service organization developed for 32° Black Cap Masons. Our missing is to bring Black Cap members more to do within the Consistory during Reunions and to help them to become more active in the Consistory as a whole. The aim of the Knights of Saint Andrew is to provide selfless dedication to and the promotion of our Masonic Fraternity withing the Valley of Joplin, the Scottish Rite, our community, and state.

The officers and Brethren of the Knights of Saint Andrew extend a warm and hearty welcome to you. We look forward to another busy year in the service of the Valley of Joplin and having new members join us in the upcoming activities. The Knights of Saint Andrew are ready to serve the various clubs, casts, and crews of the Valley when extra help is needed.

2022 Officers

Venerable Master
S. Arik Smith, 32°

Rodney D. Lewis, 32°

Mark R. Johnsen, 32° KCCH

Kobe A. Collins, 32°

Michael P. Sicu, 32°

Knight Marshall
Garry D. Matthews, 32°

H. Dan Philbrick II, 32°

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